susan ManillaOur own Susan Stripling is representing Legacy and the Lord in the Philippines! Here’s a photo of her (in blue) as she baptizes over 30 inmates at a women’s prison there. Susan has served the Lord all over the globe, and works with women’s and children’s ministry back home in Naples at Legacy.

Way to go, Susan – we’re so proud of you!

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“Since when did churches become the equivalent of today’s whorehouses, that children need to be protected from us?”

“We used to shield children from dirty picture and foul language. Now we hide their eyes from crosses and hymn books.”

Things got kind of real this Sunday during my message. See what you think…

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lion fire

This Sunday@Legacy, Pastor Dave Gipson confronts the issue of religious liberty, both in a national and local context. With the recent cancellation of a high school choir performance in a local church, Dave will seek to point Christians toward the correct response to a world that often wishes we would just go away…

Don’t miss it – Sunday, 10:30am at Legacy Church of Naples

Gulfview Middle School auditorium, 1st Avenue South entrance.

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Welcome Home…to a very different kind of church!

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What if you’re a slacker on Sundays? Don’t like to get up early?

clockThen meet me Sunday, 6:30pm at the 5th Avenue Coffee Company for SUNDAY SLACKERS!
This is an OPEN-FORUM for you to ask any questions about God you may have in a relaxed, friendly environment.

GROUND RULES: no arguments or rudeness allowed, and I reserve the right to move the discussion along so things don’t get boring. But all questions are welcomed, and if we can’t find the answer, that’ll be our research “homework” for the next week.

Hope to see you at either of these events this weekend. Come by and introduce yourself, and let’s get to know each other!

God bless,
Dave Gipson5th_ave coffee

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Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck In-between who you were and who you’re meant to be?

No problem. This Sunday@Legacy – STUCK


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Ready to Dream Again?

windowThis SUNDAY@LEGACY – Why did God let your dream die?

“Dreams powered by personal ambition must die, so God can resurrect them in His strength!” – Pastor Dave Gipson

Come tomorrow… you may start understanding what God is doing in your life!

Service begins at 10:30am, Gulfview Middle School, 1st Avenue S entrance in downtown Naples

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